Business Consulting

Our CPAs have many years of experience with small businesses. We use the knowledge gained from that experience to help you in many areas including starting a business to phasing out of a business and everything in-between.

When starting a business, your entity type is critical since it may have tax implications down the road. We help guide you through this process; when you meet with us we will listen to your goals and explain pros and cons of various entity types to help you in making the right decision for your situation.

There are many other areas to discuss and consider when running a business and we can assist you with those which include (but are not limited to!) budgeting, cash flow planning, health insurance exchange advice, retirement plans, sales and use tax consulting, Health insurance exchange advice and so many others.

When you come to the time of needing an exit strategy, our CPAs will listen to your wants and needs, and help you navigate the many rules to help your achieve objectives.

Discussing the overall direction of your business with an experienced and knowledgeable CPA is one of the most important efforts you will undertake as a business owner. Don’t underestimate the value!