For Your Appointment

Most clients, before a meeting, ask “What should I bring?”, “What do you need?”. Our hope is your questions will be answered on this page. If not, please contact us!

Feel free to send any forms you have to us prior to your appointment – that will allow us to prepare and your consult time will be more effective. See how to send files on our Contact Page.


Are You a New Client? 

Before we begin, welcome to Treasure Valley Tax! We look forward to assisting you, in any of your tax and accounting needs. When you come to your first consult, here are some things we typically request you bring. If you don’t have all of these, let us know ahead of time to determine if we should postpone the meeting (many times we are fine). We look forward to meeting you!

  • past two years of completed tax returns (for individual, and for any / all businesses you have)
  • all YTD paystubs (for tax planning)
  • be prepared to discuss all your objectives for the year (have a list, so you don’t forget any!)
  • Businesses, also bring:
    • Current (up-to-date) QuickBooks BACKUP (.qbb) file (send prior to the consult if possible; provide QB year and login/password information)
    • Deprecation schedules (probably need to request this from your prior accountant)


Preparing for Year End 

Getting ready to bring your tax information in can start months in advance! First, as an individual, tax planning can sometimes be critical to your financial situation and should be done one to four months before year end (depending on what you have ‘going on’ in your life). Second, businesses need to be sure their QuickBooks files are ‘in order’. We offer reduced rates before tax season to help you with this – take advantage of them!


It’s Tax Season!

The more prepared and organized you are, the more effective we are at completing your tax return. What data should you collect? While the answer to that question is “it depends” (on a lot!), here is a list to help you.


  • All income forms (Form W2, income, dividends, Schedule K1s, etc.)
  • Form 1099 Misc and all related expenses
  • Form 1095 – for Health Care coverage. You may have more than one! You should receive one for every policy you (or spouse or dependents) carried during the prior year
  • Form 1098s for mortgage interest, tuition, student loan interest, etc. NOTE: for the Form 1098T, you PROBABLY need to login to the student’s account to get this; mailing is becoming a rare delivery option
  • Real estate transactions – all closing statements (usually the first five pages, not the whole package)
  • Are you a Sole Proprietor? Do you own Rental Property? Are you a Farmer? If any of these apply, be sure you complete the appropriate pages of the Organizer. Also, see the Business checklist below for more items.

 We can also e-mail you a Tax Organizer e-just request one here >                    A note on the Tax Organizers:  There is no need to complete the Organizer 100%. Please update all demographic information, and use the rest of the Organizer as a checklist. If you are a returning client, the Organizer will list all tax items you had the prior year. If you still have that item, just include the appropriate form with the Organizer, don’t fill out the Organizer (for instance, a Form W2). If you no longer have an item, cross it out and say “n/a” so we know not to ask for it.

Businesses  (S-Corp, C-Corp, Partnerships)

  • A backup of your RECONCILED QuickBooks file. Please tell us the version of QuickBooks you use (year), login and password information. Please send the backup to use via our Hightail account:
  • Copies of all December (year end) and January (current year) bank statements, credit cards and loan statements.


Whether you are a new or returning client, we hope this list is helpful to help you