For Your Appointment


Welcome! Before your meeting, we will discuss what we need you to bring. We usually ask for your past two tax returns as a starting point (for individuals and businesses).


Tax Planning


We will usually ask for all income to date (i.e. YTD pay stubs if employee), expected income for the rest of the year, and any significant events or transactions.


A reconciled QuickBooks backup copy (not accountants copy) gets the discussion started.


Tax Season!


The more prepared and organized you are, the more effective we are at completing your tax return.

A Tax Organizer is a great place to start. If you are a returning client, it lists your prior year’s information. Request one by emailing

Examples of year-end documents, that may apply to you:

    • All income forms (Form W2, income, dividends, Schedule K1s, etc.)
    • Form 1099 Misc and all related expenses
    • Form 1095A if you have Health Care coverage through the Exchange;
    • Form 1098s for mortgage interest, tuition, student loan interest, etc. NOTE: for the Form 1098T, you PROBABLY need to login to the student’s account to get this; mailing is becoming a rare delivery option
    • Real estate transactions – all closing statements (usually the first five pages, not the whole package) (if you itemize)
    • Are you a sole proprietor, farmer, or own rental property?  If so, please complete the appropriate pages of the Organizer.

Businesses (S-Corp, C-Corp, Partnerships)

  • A backup copy (not Accountant’s copy) of your RECONCILED QuickBooks file. Please tell us the version of QuickBooks you use (year), login and password information. Please use to send us your QB file.
  • Copies of all December (year end) and January (current year) bank statements, credit cards and loan statements.


We look forward to seeing you!