Tax Deadlines

Assuming a calendar year-end for tax returns, the tax filing deadlines are as follows (if you have a fiscal year, please contact us).

Partnerships and S-Corporations

  • March 16th – deadline unless properly extended (March 15th falls on a Sunday in 2020)
  • September 15th – extension deadline*

Corporations and Trusts/Estates

  • April 15th – deadline unless properly extended
  • September 30th – Trust/Estate extension deadline *
  • October 15th – Corporation extension deadline*


  • April 15th – deadline unless properly extended   (IRS and most states extended 2020 TY to May 17th)
  • If you need to extend – please read:
    • An extension is not just a piece of paper stating you want to extend; the IRS requires that you calculate your return to the best of your ability to determine if you may owe or have a refund;
    • Please note if you owe (on the final return), the full payment is due by April 15th to any and all tax agencies.
    • An extension does not remove the payment obligation and you will be subject to late payment penalties and interest.
    • To be able to estimate what you may owe (or not), we need all information available from you as soon as possible (by March 31st) to ensure your tax return is extended properly and give you time for payment arrangements if necessary.
  • October 15th – extension deadline*

* Extension Comment: As always, we will help you with extensions as needed. We do ask extended returns be dealt with in a timely manner so they can be completed by August 31. Occasionally there are outstanding items (for example a Schedule K1), so we will have your return completed to that point, awaiting the final pieces of information.